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Bolton House, 17-26 Wakley Street, EC1V 7RQ Islington
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Where to find Dogs Trust? Dogs Trust is located at Bolton House, 17-26 Wakley Street, EC1V 7RQ Islington in the state Moray, United Kingdom. What is the phone number of Dogs Trust? The place can be reached through its phone number, which is 020 7837 0006. The local time zone is Europe/London. Daylight saving time is in force in the area now. The current local time and date is . You can go to their website for more information, The website is

Today, If you want to go to Dogs Trust, the sun rises in Dogs Trust at 04:48 and sets at 21:09. You can see the moon rise at 18:09 and set at 03:34 Jun 02, 2023.


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I’m absolutely disgusted what you did to Bella which we all know about , what about the ones we don’t know about . You could’ve given her a chance with the offers from many people and specialists who wanted to help and rehoming which you ignored and PTS instead , I have been donating to Dogs Trust for years , today I cancelled my monthly donation . No way would I donate to such an organization like yours .

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Dogs trust are an amazing charity and no doubt the staff work super hard doing what they do and have compassion for their work! One of the hardest jobs is rescue and I admire all the shelter workers out there!

Review *** (07/08/2018 17:53)
May is a Mastiff cross from Dogs Trust Newbury. She is only 18 months old and a bundle of fun! She is super affectionate and loves to cuddle.
May will need ongoing training as she has good basic commands but would benefit from learning more. However she loves her training sessions and is a very quick learner! She has a very calm, easy-going personality and enjoys playing with her toys.
Are you tempted to come and meet this lovable lap dog? Find out more ?

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